February 23, 2024

3 popular European travel destinations for winter 2022

Thinking about travelling to Europe this winter? Include these three countries to your list!


Switzerland is a winter wonderland, and it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular winter vacation destinations. This country in west-central Europe attracts over 11 million tourists each year with its charming, fairytale-like towns in the Alps and one of the most popular and beautiful Christmas markets not just in Europe, but in the whole world. The Alps are, of course, the major draw, and with 345 ski resorts, Switzerland has a place for everyone who enjoys winter sports.  If skiing and snowboarding aren’t your thing, there are plenty of alternative things to keep you occupied throughout the winter months. For example, you can take a train ride across this country, which has some of the most breathtaking scenery you’ll ever see, and if you intend on visiting Italy, we strongly recommend taking the Bernina Express instead of flying for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Another favorite pastime is visiting castles, as there are around 500 castles that have been discovered throughout the nation. Chateau de Chillon is the most well-known (it was the inspiration for Prince Eric’s castle in “The Little Mermaid”!), but Tarasp and Oberhofen Castles are just as impressive. Because Switzerland is recognized for its chocolate and cheese, these will be the most memorable souvenirs that you can bring from your vacation. 


Believe it or not, Ireland, despite the lack of typical winter activities and attractions such as skiing in the mountains or even a regular snowy landscape, is one of the most popular European holiday destinations for the next three months. Ireland is famed for its magnificent green landscapes that last almost the whole year, which is why it is also known as the Emerald Isle. There are a few things to do there for a joyful winter trip, regardless of whether you intend on going on a regular day or if you are lucky enough to catch one of the few days when the show stays on the Irish streets. Visit the Dublin Christmas market, which, while not as well-known as others in Europe, is vivid, colorful, and filled with delicious-smelling traditional cuisine. In addition, take a tour along Ireland’s Ring of Kerry, which runs across the south west, admiring the stunning landscapes and starry nights. Last but not least, get a couple traditional Irish sweaters for yourself and your loved ones as a perfect, both beautiful and useful souvenir to bring back from your vacation to Ireland. However, if you’re not sure that you can add this country to your travel list for this winter, you can always count on Tara for traditional Irish sweaters for everyone you care about. 


If you want to experience a true winter holiday, especially if you come from a country where there’s little to no snow during winter, Finland is the right place for you. The most popular destination in the country for this season both for the tourists and the locals is the city of Rovaniemi, and if this name doesn’t tell you anything, I’m sure it will when we tell you that it’s the capital of the Lapland region, the official residence of Santa Claus. You can even visit him and take photos for a few euros (well, even Father Christmas needs money in order to pay his hard-working elves) in the Santa Claus Village that is located only 5 miles northeast of Rovaniemi.  Other popular activities include admiring the Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, visiting reindeer farms, and staying a night at the Arctic Snow Hotel, where you can have a meal at the unique ice restaurant. Don’t forget about husky sledding, where you can go for a self-driven safari for a few miles, and don’t worry, huskies are very active and energetic dogs so you’re not abusing or harming them in any way. As for the souvenirs, you can send your family and friends a letter from the Santa Claus Village or you can get them a mug for their hot drinks which they will undoubtedly associate with your vacation to this northern nation.