July 14, 2024

Buying your first standing desk? Tips to consider!

Most of us have a job that demands manning the desk for hours at a stretch. This can lead to back and spine issues among other things, and sitting for long hours has been linked to obesity. If you want to enjoy more freedom and ergonomic comfort at work, check for a standing desk. For the uninitiated, a standing desk is meant to help in changing & switching between standing & sitting positions as needed. There are all kinds of standing desks in the market, including electric variants, and each one has an intended purpose. In this post, we are sharing more on what you need to know about buying standing desks, especially if this is your first one. 

Get an electric one

Broadly, standing desks can be classified into manual and electric variants. A manual desk must be adjusted for height manually, and that can be quite a bummer of sorts, because you would spend a lot of time doing these adjustments time and again. That’s where an electric standing desk can be handy. An electric standing desk can be adjusted on the push of a button, and you can find added features too, such as reminders for being in the same position for long. Some models even have preset menus, so you can decide on the movement of the desk. 

Consider height adjustment & features

You would want the height adjustment feature of a standing desk to be broad enough, especially when more than one person would be using the desk. Make sure that you check the range of the standing desk, and do check if the tabletop is included. Some standing desks do not come with the tabletop, which means you have to pay additionally for the same, but that’s also an advantage, as you can get a top customized to match the workspace needs. For gaming, you may go for a smaller tabletop, while for work needs, a large tabletop is desirable. Do check if the standing desk has any kind of weight restrictions. 

Check the pricing

Electric standing desks are usually more expensive, and you can expect to get genuine features, which can help you stay fitter and more productive at work. At the least, expect to pay $200 or more for some of the advanced features, and don’t forget to check specific things that a standing desk has to offer. This is an investment for better work.