July 14, 2024

Evaporative Coolers Are An Inexpensive Alternative For Cooling Your Home

Evaporative coolers are an excellent option for keeping cool when summer comes knocking. They will provide you with a steady flow of fresh air through a wet cooling pad. Once the cooling pad cools the air, it is released and circulated to your home. When compared to a traditional AC unit, an evaporative cooler is an inexpensive alternative. It is the ideal choice if you’re looking to stay cool on a budget. It allows you to bypass the mounting bills that come with using an air conditioning unit. Below are some ways an evaporative cooler proves to be an inexpensive alternative for cooling your home.

Easy installation

The installation process of the evaporative cooler is simpler and cheaper than installing an air conditioning unit. You can get a licensed contractor to install your evaporative cooler for half the price of installing a traditional air conditioning unit. In addition, evaporative coolers come in different sizes and shapes. Some models require little to no installation, you set it up, and you can start keeping your home cool.

Cheap Maintenance

Maintaining your evaporative cooler is one of the easiest things to do. There are simple maintenance tasks you can carry out on the cooler to ensure it stays in optimum shape. These maintenance tasks will also prolong the cooler’s lifespan. If any part of your portable cooler needs replacement, you can call a professional or sometimes do it yourself. It doesn’t require frequent servicing, and you can service it once or twice a year.

Little Operational Costs

When using a traditional air conditioning unit, you will notice a high electricity bill coming in every month. Also, most of its moving parts will require replacement. That’s not the case with an evaporative cooler; it uses significantly lesser electricity. With an evaporative cooler, the operational cost is low, and you will notice a significant drop in the electricity bill. Electricity providers in Houston will provide you with tips to better manage your spendings in the summer and keep your power bill to a minimum. If any parts need replacement, you can stay relaxed, and most of the pieces are inexpensive. It is the perfect in-between because it cools your home better than a fan but costs much less than an AC unit.

Fresh Air

Air circulation directly connects to health. If you’re breathing in contaminated air, you could get sick. An evaporative cooler saves you money in hospital bills by providing your home with cool, fresh air. The filter in the evaporative cooler filters dirt and pollen from the air before releasing it back into the environment. The air used is also fresh from outdoors and not recirculated like with a traditional AC unit.