February 23, 2024

The Importance Of EK Shaft Bearing For Perfect Support

Understandably, people don’t know much about the EK shaft end bearing. DeIt is a self-aligning roller bearing used to build machines and equipment. This bearing supports rotating the shafts and other industrial items. Therefore, to build different kinds of factory machines, conveyors, robots, etc., it’s the EK shaft coupling bearing (ลูกปืนจับยึดปลายเพลา EK, which is the term in Thai) is being used.

How Can Ek Shaft End Bearings Help?

The EK shaft coupling bearing is a compact design that allows a machine or equipment to fit easily anywhere without taking up much space. Not only that, this item can takes a huge load and maintain the accurate movement required to ensure the machine works as it should.

Also, this bearing is available in multiple sizes, so, based on the requirement, people can utilize a wide range of shaft diameters and mounting options. Its durability makes the bearing more amazing; it can handle the pressure put on it without damaging the machine.

Key Features Of The Ek Shaft End Bearing

· Compact Design

Big designs of Bearings nowadays don’t fit most of the machines and instruments. The manufacturers will make small machines based on the customer’s requirements. So, the small-size bearing comes in handy. The EK shaft has a bore diameter of 65 mm, an outside diameter of 120 mm, and a width of 31mm.

· Service Life

Unlike other bearing EK shaft coupling types, bearings work way longer than usual. This rolling bearing has space for a higher load level, which allows the bearing to have a longer service life. The unique shape of the item reduced friction and overheating, so the bearing didn’t get damaged that easily.

· High Precision

This bearing provides the perfect movement required in the machine or instrument. Because of the high tolerance design and its structure, the bearing can maintain the speed of the movement. Also, for tolerance class for running out, this bearing has P5, which is a great thing.

· Advance Lubricant

The only reason this bearing doesn’t need constant lubrication is only because it doesn’t need it. The bearing is built in a way that drastically reduces friction and ultimately improves the lubrication system of the bearing.


Ultimately, it’s an easy decision to replace the old bearing with an EK shaft coupling bearing. This bearing is so effective and long-lasting that it will help the users save money in the long run. Also, this EK shaft end bearing doesn’t get damaged that easily. Therefore, the mechanics can utilize the full potential of the bearing without even worrying about it.