July 14, 2024

The Latest Advancements in Dental Technology.

When it comes to understanding dental technology, you must ensure that you are aware that dentistry is getting more advanced. There have been many advancements in dental technology till now; thus, you must understand that you can have your dental issues addressed with a greater guarantee of success. You must know that teledentistry is also one of the latest advancements in the dental world. 

Therefore, if you are curious about those advancements, you should consider pursuing assistance from a trusted dental practice in Glen Oaks, NY.

List of latest advancements in dental technology:

  • Digital impressions

Digital impressions are one of the finest technologies these days. This technology uses some intraoral scanners that monitor your inner oral picture; hence, once the scan is done, you can see a replica of your dental structure. This technology helps in comforting the patient about their oral health since they can see what changes and where they have to make changes. This way, the patient can rest assured that there will not be any treatment that he/she is unaware of.

  • 3D printing

Another refinement in dental technology is 3D printing. 3D printing is a technology that allows the patient to get all the orthodontic appliances like crowns, aligners, and braces customized and according to their fit. 3D printing is done with high accuracy and with no imperfections. Many dentists approve of 3D printing since it can make the patient more relaxed and pleased.

  • Laser dentistry

Laser dentistry is a process where certain therapies like cavity detection, teeth whitening, and gum reshaping are done with the use of a laser. This treatment is very suitable for all patients since they do not have to go through the old traditional way where bleeding, gum swelling, and anesthetics are given. Through laser treatment, you will find something quite the opposite of traditional treatments, such as no use of anesthetics and fast healing.

  • Teledentistry 

As you know, many individuals cannot make time for their oral health checkups because of their tight schedules, workload, and many more reasons. Teledentistry is the solution to their problem. Teledentistry is a process where the patient and the dentist can have their treatment or sessions virtually.

This advancement is way more cost-effective and more comfortable for the patient. You will not have to worry about all the traveling to reach the dental clinic and wait till your turn to get checked. Getting your oral issues treated virtually has made a lot of progress.

However, if you are having any dental issues and you are not sure about the old traditional treatments, consider seeking help from your dental caretaker and discuss the new advancements.