July 14, 2024

What Are The Best Interesting Movies To Watch And Where Can I Watch

Wondering in your homes while washing dishes or cleaning your room, what should be the welcoming respite in this torturing lockdown? Just roll your eyes around the house and see what you find! Preferably that should be the boring ludo or carom that has exhausted during the lockdown part 1. Suddenly, a bright light appears, covering your eyes to be in front of you; wait, what is that; that is your mobile mate, but wait, what to do next?

Do nothing; peacefully download the Aha OTT app and amazing movies there. It has a compilation of different Blockbusters during the time of every genre as romance, fantasy, horror, thrill, action and drama etc. it is the one-stop destination to relax your eyes and to relax with utmost peace while watching the Telugu HD movies with the best in class experience with Aha OTT App.

While considering movies, one should have a proper mixture of tastes of different genres as we find a great blend of spices in good foodstuff. Below are some which have jaw gripping screenplay, amazing acting, masterpiece direction, astounding acting, and superb songs. All n all, one should watch these movies on their bucket list for once to watch in a lifetime.

Krack is an action genre-based movie starring Ravi Teja and Shruti Hasan. It has some amazing action scenes and a researched script. A Rowdy police inspector’s simple, pleasant life is represented in the movie with some rocky action and structured dialogues.

KanuluKanulanuDhochaayante is a thriller romantic starring Dulquer Salman. A boy falls in love with an orphan girl and gets on the way to make easy money by loose methods. Finally made a plan to settle in Goa, but then destiny decides to an unexpected turn.

 NGK is a blockbuster starring Surya Sivakumar. It has an essence of what can happen if a righteous man decides to blow on the established prejudiced system. It has some amazing fight scenes and well-scripted dialogues. This is a worthwhile watch.

Johaar movie is a masterpiece of emotions, Direction, and screenplay. It has five stories in itself revolving around each other. A young CM wants to build a puppet of his father to draw out public sympathy. Four other people who run an orphanage get badly affected by this. The full story has an immense impact on the perception of the people. This movie is a super hit delivery from the Telugu film industry and is worth watching.

For the all movies discussed above one-stop destination is only Aha OTT. Using OTT online hinders many other options; it is well in advance to have the app of Aha OTT. So grab the taste of these splendid spices of film on the Aha app now. Also, Aha is the Latest Movies online; it allows you to pick from the best current options. So taste flavours now.