July 14, 2024

What is a MacBook?

MacBook is one line of Macintosh laptops which is designed by Apple.The different types of MacBooks are the original MacBook,the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air.MacBook  and MacBook Pro was introduced in the year 2006.MacBook Air was introduced in the year 2008.MacBook line-up came from the merging of PowerBook lines as Apple transitioned over to Intel instead of PowerPC processors.MacBook production was stopped from 2011 until 2014 and later it was relaunched in 2015.The 2015 version of MacBook had lot of significant changes.Couple of innovations in the 2015 MacBook version was Force Touch trackpad and butterfly mechanism for keyboards switches.MacBook Pro is little thicker and is larger when compared to laptop and the MacBook. The features in MacBook Pro is more robust internals. Users who do intensive tasks like video editing with the help iMovie which is available only in apple products. MacBook Pro was first of Applies computers to utilize proprietary Thunderbolt port. MacBook Air is very inexpensive and light weighted when compared to MacBook. MacBook Air is thinnest and lightest. The new MacBook Air also has black keyboard which is used in the sunken keyboards of polycarbonate MacBooks. The  keyboard brings look and features of the MacBook line which gives a posh look on the metallic aluminium body. When it comes to apple macbook repair there are many service centres which offer this service. Since MacBook is very expensive gadget the owners will have to ensure to maintain it carefully. We should handle the product with care. MacBooks are very delicate and are thin. They are delicate and hence have to be carried with at most care. Since MacBooks are sleek people prefer to own it as they can be taken from one place to other without much challenges.

Let’s see the features and the changes done to MacBook Air:

  • The best feature of the MacBook is that the lids are closed by a magnet with no mechanical latch and was initially introduced with the polycarbonate products.
  • All the MacBook have the feature of backlit keyboard which makes it look awesome. MacBook Air is one of Apple’s less costly notebook computer.
  • MacBook Air basic model had the screen with 13 inch and there was 2 USB T ports and one Thunderbolt two port, it didn’t have the Retina Display.
  • Later in 2017 MacBook Air was upgraded with later the speed of the processor was increased upto 1.8 GHz.
  • Again in October 2018 MacBook air had lot of a major design changes done.They dropped off the USB Type A ports. They updated it with a Retinas displays and Intel Y series and there was a trackpad and with a 3rdgeneration butterfly method in the keyboard.


There are many MacBook options available in the market. Like any other product there are chances of MacBook also getting spoiled or may not be in working condition. There are many service centres which gets the MacBook repaired.We will have to check for experience service centre and ensure that we give our MacBook in reliable centres as the product is very expensive.