February 23, 2024


Fuel prices are continuously rising, placing strain on nationwide consumers and Australians. Hence, people are turning to pawnbrokers Melbourne providers for help. We spoke to a few owners of pawnshops in Melbourne, and they all claim that the locals have turned to pawning and selling their personal possession just to afford fuel and food.

These items involve designer watches, gold jewellery and other precious metals. In addition, some things have sentimental value, like gold engagement rings. However, according to one pawnshop, people pawn items to get fast cash, and they are here to help.

One pawnbroker advised that the people are working hard to make ends meet. According to him, one client came in the early morning to get to work, as their car was empty. Therefore, as you can see, Australian citizens are struggling and need to part with mom’s wedding ring or even an heirloom handed down from grandma.

Some news people have even jabbed at the economic policies implying that citizens must sell personal items to pay to work or provide families with food. But, unfortunately, that is how bad things are getting.

In some places, gas prices in South Australia you pay up to $2.02 per litre on average. While in other parts, you can expect to pay up to $2.13 like in Tasmania. Unfortunately, according to ABC News, the prices are not going down soon.

Still, people are not only selling their gold rings to commute to work. Another person had to sell broken gold jewellery to get fuel for a family emergency. Caitlyn explained that her grandmother has been in hospital for a few days and is probably not going to make it.

Reports have also come in from other consumer businesses stating that there has been an increase in the pawnbrokers Melbournebusiness about customers selling personal items. According to these reports, selling gold is high on the list to buy fuel and groceries and is a daily occurrence.

Why? As people need to get to work and feed their families. Therefore, hopefully, consumers will expect relief and hear that fuel prices will take a dip soon. Thus, as you can see while many businesses feel that pawnbrokers are not the solution for loaning money.

Many people think they are their safe haven and a way out. However, according to citizens, the pawn dealers have been an enormous help in getting them out of a nick. One man said it has been so bad that he had to dig into his gold jewellery to make ends meet.

Luckily the Melbourne pawnbroker he dealt with gave him a high rate for his unwanted gold jewellery. He also said the pawnshop that helped him bought gold coins and other precious metal items. According to him, it has helped him greatly as he need not take out a pawning loan to repay or collect his things.

Furthermore, he said you get cash on the spot, which makes things easier than applying for a payday loan or any other type of loan. Therefore, while the prices of food, fuel, and other utilities keep rising, you need fast money. So visiting a pawn shop near me remains the best solution to most people’s problems.