February 23, 2024

How Can Families Choose the Best Funeral Home?

Preparing the deceased loved one for burial or cremation while dealing with grief can be confusing for many families. Some do not know the next steps to take, as others struggle with their finances. Learning how to select an affordable funeral home to handle the decedent’s funeral can help the family move in these trying times. Doing this also ensures that their relative is respected and taken care of.

With this, here are the several factors families can consider in choosing the best funeral home:

Has Good Reputation

Any business with a bad reputation cannot last in the industry for a long time. Once customers attributed the word “bad” to a restaurant or movie theater, others would most likely hesitate to visit them. Most people do this because they are unsure of the enterprise’s quality of services. The same goes for funeral homes, so families need to choose one that has already established itself as the best or reliable.

Reading reviews and recommendations online or asking friends can help the deceased’s family find the best funeral home in a particular area.

Can Create Unique and Meaningful Experience for the Decedent

Some families want to personalize the burial to honor their loved one’s memories. Because of this, they might consider choosing a funeral home that can provide services unique to their needs and values. There are funeral homes capable of carrying this plan to help create a healing experience for the grieving family. Their funeral directors listen carefully and educate families in areas they lack knowledge. They also provide helpful options, explaining each option’s pros and cons.

Offers Various Services

Does the funeral home offer affordable cremation, embalming, transportation services, etc.? Families can ask themselves this question, given that end-of-life planning involves budgeting. Clients need to look for funeral homes that can provide their primary needs aside from burial personalization, as mentioned above.

Transparent About Costs and Descriptions

Transparency is another fundamental quality a good funeral home possesses. Clients must know a specific funeral home’s fee structure so that they can budget for the funeral. A reputable funeral home follows the provisions provided by the Federal Trade Commission or FTC’s Funeral Rule, specifically:

  • Obligation to provide consumers with the general price list;
  • Must inform the consumers about their right to choose the funeral goods and services while citing the exceptions;
  • Responsible for disclosing if a local or state law requires a particular item in the general price list; 
  • Cannot refuse or charge a fee in handling a casket bought elsewhere; and
  • Obliged to offer alternative container options if the client chose cremation.

Use Modern Technology

More and more funeral homes are investing in new technologies to offer memorial video creation and webcasting services. Some are even offering virtual funeral planning services. Clients who find these services important can hire a funeral home that utilizes technological services to improve its services.

The dying of a loved one is not only painful but also extremely stressful for families with no idea what to do next. Knowing the factors in selecting a funeral home can help ease the pressure. Let Sunset Hills assist you in these difficult times. Connect with us by calling (760) 691-5031 or sending a note through our contact page.