December 9, 2023

Learn About Platinum And Gold So That You Can Buy Affordable Wedding Rings From Alexander Sparks

The Strength of Platinum is of its versatility, higher than gold, platinum is a strong, heavy and very precious metal, suitable for everyday wear. Platinum’s durability and rich white color make it a perfect and safe place for diamonds and gemstones. As and also the rarest of all precious metals, platinum is a symbol of great power, lasting and once in a lifetime of love.

Know about yellow gold

Yellow gold is often associated with copper and silver with increasing hardness and endurance. 14K gold has a warm and bright yellow glow, while 18K gold has a rich and deep yellow glow, you can buy affordable engagement rings from this section.

Platinum color

Platinum is naturally white and permanent in color, in contrast to white gold with alloys and rhodium plating that need to be renewed from time to time to keep the gold white. Platinum also has hypoallergenic resistance, which gives it a greater advantage over other precious metals. Over time, platinum becomes a beautiful natural patina with its own special gloss that is coveted by many.

Platinum value

The high value of platinum comes from its availability; its presence is only 0.005 ppm (parts per million) on Earth’s crust. It takes 10 tons of raw platinum to get one ounce of platinum. Each year, platinum is mined 15 times less than the gold and platinum mines found only in South Africa, Russia, and North America. The value of platinum is also related to its purity and its chances of being virtually non-deteriorating. Platinum jewelry usually contains 95% pure platinum and 5% other metals or 90% pure platinum and 10% iridium. The texture of the platinum does not lead to the loss of iron, the metal simply moves from place to place, so the platinum can be re-cooled by the reduction of the weight of the metal.

Platinum Alloys

Here is a list of the four most commonly used platinum alloys in jewelry:

  1. Pt900 / Ir – made of 900 parts platinum and 100 parts Iridium
  2. Pt950 / Ir – made of 950 parts platinum and 50 parts Iridium
  3. Pt950 / Ru – made from 950 parts platinum and 50 parts Ruthenium
  4. Pt950 / Co – made of 950 pieces of platinum and 50 parts of Cobalt


Gold is a highly sought-after precious metal, very durable, but also very soft. Gold is a good conductor of electricity and heat, not prone to pollution, rust and rust. The purity of gold is measured in karats or carats (K or kt) and caratage means the percentage of pure gold in a particular part of gold. 100% pure gold is 24K, very soft, very soft and very prone to scratching and damage. Because of these features, pure gold is unsuitable for jewelry and thus blends with other metals with increasing hardness. The two most popular gold caratages include 18K (75% pure) and 14K (58.3% pure), though 22K (91.7% pure), 10K (41.7% pure) and 9K (37.5% pure) is also used. Alexander sells only 14K and 18K jewelry

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Gold color

You will get 100% pure gold color. And the most popular and widely used gold color. However, the color gold can vary depending on the type of metal mixed with pure gold. In addition to yellow, other gold colors include white, rose, purple, green, gray, and blue.

Alexander sells 14K and 18K yellow gold jewelry

White Gold

White gold is a mixture of yellow gold and can be silver, nickel, manganese or palladium in addition to rhodium plating. To ensure that white gold retains the same white color, rhodium plating rejuvenation is advised from time to time. White gold usually contains 90% yellow gold and 10% nickel, while copper can be added to improve the slope.

Rose Gold

Yellow gold and copper both make Rose gold. Depending on the amount of copper, the rose gold can vary from red to pink. 18K red gold contains 75% yellow gold and 25% copper. 18K rose gold contains 75% gold, 22.25% copper and 2.75% silver. Rose gold can get a yellow tinge if it is not more than 15% zinc in the yellow and copper part of gold. The highest caratage of rose gold is 22K, also known as a gold crown.

Consider the Institutional Heritage

Rings involving gemstones are a beautiful and popular option. Making it an excellent budget option for engagement rings gemstones are often more expensive than standard diamonds. When choosing a gemstone engagement ring, they highly recommend choosing a stone that will be durable and strong enough for everyday wear. While gemstones like moonstones and opal are on the way right now and come at a much lower price than diamonds, they are much softer and better suited to fashion rings than the engagement ring you want to wear every day for your life. In addition, values ​​such as aquamarines and morganites are also soft and tend to become cloudy over time. For other good diamond replacement and long lasting engagement rings, we recommend moissanites, sapphires, and rubies.

Know Platinum Strength to buy Affordable wedding rings

Moissanites look similar to diamonds and have a very high Mohs rating of mineral hardness. While they may have a white diamond-like appearance, Moissanites have a different kind of splendor because of their appearance. These gems reflect the radiant effect of the rainbow rather than the diamond, which is popular with many people. Moissanite also costs fewer carats than most other gemstones, which means that couples can get higher moissanite at a much lower price than they would pay for the equivalent diamond.

Sapphires and rubies both come from the Corundum mineral family and are ranked 9th on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. While most people are familiar with royal blue sapphires, many may not be aware that sapphires come in almost every color. Teal, lavender, pink, peach, yellow, and even white! These are other popular sapphire colors for those who love the idea of ​​a ring incorporating a colored stone, sapphires and rubies are the best choices.