October 4, 2023

What Does The Baby’s Breath Represent?

When people first mentioned gypsophila, the first bloom was the Baby breath (Gypsophila paniculata). This is because they are the most famous species of the genus Gypsophila. Gypsophila comes from the Greek word gypsum (a mineral in the form of white stones formed by sedimentation of seawater), while philios means to love so that it means “to love gypsum” which refers to the reference that this plant grows in a place that is rich in gypsum substrate. They are a genus of ornamental plants that belong to the carnation family, Caryophyllaceae. There are about 150 species that stretch from Central and Eastern Europe to Asia. Its natural habitat is in meadows, sandy and dry soils.

It has a fairly long bloom span. The baby’s breath blooms from early spring to late fall. In comparison, the time to grow this little beauty takes between 8 to 12 weeks. They are often interpreted as a new page and new hope. Therefore, at a wedding, this cutie is very suitable for a beautiful bride’s hand bouquet. Their beauty still radiates after it dries up. This small dry flower is always the choice of people to decorate various corners of the room.

For those of you flower lovers who order or send flowers, you are familiar with the small flowers that are always found in these bouquets. Due to these beautiful small blooms, lots of flower bouquets have them juxtaposed with other beautiful blooms. This cutie is the right choice because it has a very long bloom time. Gypsophila is widely planted to enjoy the blooming moments. From the beauty of its flowers, a selfie with a background of Gypsophila is very popular. Because it has the impression of a soft cloud in their wedding, they will be placed on a guest dining table decoration, bridal aisle path, to a bridesmaid pomander to complete the ornament arrangement for the wedding. But the philosophy that they reflect the main reason. Specifically, here’s the baby breath meaning and philosophy that makes it a popular one:

  • Represent of purity

As the name suggests, this cutie symbolizes purity, hope, and a new, better life. Therefore they are also often given to a mother who is happy with the birth of her child.

  • Represent of holy love

They also reflect the symbol of holy love without limits. A person who has been in a relationship must also be good at caring for and taking care of it. The lovely meaning here also applies to friends and family. Hence they are suitable to be given for friends whose birthdays or mothers day.

  • Represent of wedding

As seen at many weddings, there are more and more ideas for using these pretty little ones for decoration. For example, they can make it into a stunning arch or wedding decoration and even a bridal bouquet. Usually, they are used as a bridal hand bouquet or even made as a crown worn by the bridesmaids.

  • Represent of sincerity

This cutie also has a meaning about sincerity. Therefore they are often the choice to be given as a Mother’s Day gift or an expression of gratitude to a wife who has wholeheartedly cared for her child and family. They are often used as a form of gratitude for the sincerity that never stops.

There are three interesting color variants, namely pink, yellow and white. All these colors represent the energy of eternal love. Each of these colors has a meaning that represents each of the colors.

  • Yellow

The flower’s bright yellow petals are bold enough to represent light and joy. The brightness of the color is often used to beautify bridal decorations to give the nuance of a bright day at the wedding celebration. Their brightness is perfect as a cut flower placed in a vase to decorate a room.

  • Pink

Usually, pink is the color that symbolizes love and affection. Find the right bouquet that matches what you want to convey in baby breath meaning. This little cutie is often found when couples are celebrating giving birth or a baby shower event. They are also often used to be sent to someone as a sign of admiration for someone. Taking it on a date is also very suitable, especially if planning a restaurant and having a candlelight dinner.

  • White

This third type has a unique pattern, namely small white. It is symbolized as a loving relationship. For this color, it is often favored. Symbols of purity and freedom are considered appropriate for the celebration of birth, either boy or girl. Interestingly, this type of baby breath can be used as a memorable gift for the mother. This symbol of holy love fits perfectly with the celebration of Mother’s Day. Or just say affection to the greatest woman who gave birth to you.

Not only do they have the meaning of eternal love, but they also plant that can increase the strength of leukemia sufferers to combat the effects of drugs. Some species are deliberately cultivated commercially and for other uses, such as ingredients for making herbs and foods such as complementary aromas in ice cream and cheese. Its saponin content is even used for the production of photographic films. The detergent content that is owned is also used by soap and shampoo.

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