October 4, 2023

Best African restaurants Sydney

African food in Sydney is a magical place that has a bit of everything for everyone. It’s the kind of place where you can go from eating burgers to being served with fine dining in just a matter of minutes, and everywhere in between. That said, there are certain cuisines Sydney does better than others. Here are Sydney’s best African restaurants.

Tuk Afloat Although Africola was one of Sydney’s best African restaurants back in 2015 when it opened, it has since been knocked down to fourth on this list by newer entrants Afloat and Addo. However, don’t let the new kids overshadow the oldies too much because Africola still serves up some great dishes no matter what time of day you visit. The menu is so large and varied that it even has pages dedicated to vegetarians and gluten intolerant people, both of whom will not be disappointed with Africola’s choices. As for the rest of us carnivores, there are just too many options to name here but if meat is your thing then you really can’t go wrong with Africa.

Africola Sydney African Restaurant Sydney Africola Sydney African Restaurant Sydney One of Sydney’s newest African restaurants on this list is Tuk Tuk Afloat. It opened in early 2017 and since then has built a reputation amongst Sydneysiders as one of Sydney’s best places to get some delicious East African cuisine (specifically Kenyan) conveniently right near Circular Quay in Sydney, where many boats depart to Sydney’s famous harbor. Fortunately for Sydneysiders, Tuk Tuk Afloat is one of Sydney’s best African restaurants where you can sit down and enjoy your meal inside rather than getting it to go like most other African restaurants Sydney has to offer. If you are wondering what dishes are on the menu at Sydney’s newest African restaurant then check out their website which also lists the price range per the main course.

Asmara Although Asmara is Sydney’s best Ethiopian restaurant, that title only tells half the story because Asmara is Sydney’s best Kenyan restaurant too! With an unbeatable combination of delicious East African cuisine along with a great atmosphere, there isn’t much else Sydney’s best African restaurant (in our opinion) can do wrong. Sydney’s best Ethiopian and Kenyan restaurants are often interchangeable with the number one spot depending on who you talk to, which is why we’ve decided to share the award between both of them this time around. However, if Sydney had an Ethiopian restaurant that was better than Asmara then it would get top spot because Sydney doesn’t have many other options for tasty Ethiopian food outside of Africa.

Addo Sydney Addo Sydney The newest entry into Sydney’s best African restaurants list is Addo, which opened in early 2018 right next door to Tuk Tuk Afloat. If you haven’t already guessed by now, Addo serves up some delicious East African cuisine in Sydney too and in much larger quantities than Tuk Tuk Afloat which only serves Kenyan food. However, that does not mean you won’t be able to savor delicious Kenyan cuisine when you visit Addo because the menu contains several options for those who prefer Kenyan cuisine over another East African cuisine such as Ethiopian. Sydney’s best African restaurant is split between Sydney’s best Ethiopian and Kenyan restaurants this time around but if we had to give one single award it would go to Asmara, even though they both serve up equally tasty dishes.

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