October 4, 2023

Smart Savings Tips for All Parents

With simple tricks, you as a parent can save a lot of money in everyday life. Here we list our best tips.

Keep track of fixed fees

It can be difficult to save money as a family with children, but there are smart ways to make the money last longer. A good saving tip is to regularly review expenses for electricity and water consumption, mobile subscriptions and streaming services. Pay only for what you really use and pay your invoices digitally to avoid extra fees. Visit the best payout online casino in usa. Also compare prices, terms and deductibles for your insurance policies. Are they as favorable as when you signed them? Maybe you can get a discount if you take out the children’s insurance with the same company?

Reduce food waste

You can save thousands every year by planning your family’s grocery shopping. On comparison sites such as you can compare prices and products in different stores. Also keep track of food waste. Every year, an average family with children throws away around 80 kg of edible food, completely unnecessarily. Shop according to season and fix the excursion food yourself. Get inspiration from the big food chains, who all have tips and recipes to reduce food waste and make food boxes from the leftovers.

Share with others

What are you good at and what would you need help with? Exchange favors with family and friends. Maybe you can babysit someone’s dog while you yourself get help repairing the children’s bikes? Interest in the sharing economy is increasing, so here at https://www.acepokies.com/online-casino/ you can find all the opportunities to save money. Share garden tools or bulky outdoor toys with other families with children. Rent children’s clothes online and book rental bikes or use a car pool for the weekend trip.

Book smart and safe

Time to book a trip? Look out for offers and family discounts. If you book and pay for trips with Collector’s credit card, cancellation protection and travel insurance are included. The insurance also gives you compensation if you or your luggage arrives late at your destination. In addition, you avoid currency surcharges when you pay with the card abroad and avoid paying a deductible if something should happen to your home while you are away. Read more about which insurances and other benefits are included here. In our Collector Bank app, you can also see everything related to your card – convenient when you want to get an overview of the family’s finances. Here you can download the app for iPhone and Android.

Global Content Marketing Book Review

I know of just such a resource to point you in the right direction. I first met Pam Didner when live blogging one of her presentations at Content Marketing World. She was at Intel and I had just given a presentation at Intel’s first internal Social Media conference. Since then, Pam and I have presented at West Virginia University for their Masters of IMC program, collaborated on a B2B content marketing workshop for Content Marketing Institute, and several marketing conference eBooks. 

Global Content Marketing Here is an overview of what you can expect :

Pam covers a lot of ground in this book and whether you’re a small business with a small budget trying to reach international markets or a global digital marketing leader looking for ways to optimize your content marketing processes, this book is a no-brainer.  The examples she gives are specific but the takeaways, like the topic of the book, are global. Pam provides context for this, urging the reader to extrapolate for their own purposes.

The Why Before you try Global Content Marketing – As many marketers have found with global content, you can’t simply translate and localize your brand content for different countries and expect results. There are external challenges beyond language including cultural, religious, and legal differences to consider. There are also operational considerations within your own company in terms of the relationship between brand HQ and regional operations, overall and regional marketing goals, processes, and tools.

The good news is that Pam addresses each of these issues right off the bat.

One of the big questions I had when picking up this book had to do with creating a global content marketing team. We work with a number of international companies and organizational structures can really vary between divisions within the U.S. let alone those that function in other countries where operations might be guided autonomously or by HQ. Building a Global Content Marketing Team Pam’s advice about building a global team is organized into three phases: Coming together, Working together, and Staying together.