April 14, 2024

Beat the Market and Optimize Total Wealth

Financial markets such as the stock market are generally efficient and represent the general view of the aggregate of those that invest into the market. Investing in any financial market (including the sports betting market) raises financial questions involving decision making under uncertainty. Many of those that play such markets simply do not understand just what they are up against.

People go to financial advisors for advice on how to best invest their money. They are thought to be the experts. They have been to university and have completed courses through the Australian Securities Institute to become an advisor. It is the same with other specialized services, such as doctors and solicitors. People recognize the specialized knowledge that these guys have and understand the value of paying such experts for their opinions.

I believe the reason to why more aren’t successful in gambling is that the majority of punters have no idea what they are up against. They believe that they can beat the real money blackjack  game with no specific specialized knowledge. There is a price you have to pay to gain the knowledge and experience required to become successful.

This is very similar for both traditional investment advisors and also in the gambling field. Some advisors are better than others, as are some investments and some investment funds are better than others. Some investment funds make excellent returns for their clients however; on the other hand, the majority can’t even beat the average based on the returns of the All Ords index!

I can see myself starting to get off track here.

Professional gambling is not for everyone; however, I truly believe that you should play real money roulette online, as it is within reach of everyone. Now there are two ways in which you can make a living out of gambling.

  1. You can spend years studying mathematics and learn the ins and the outs of your chosen betting field to hopefully build the skills necessary to make consistent profits
  2. You can pay those that have trodden the path above for their specialized knowledge and skill and then focus your attention on becoming an astute gambling portfolio manager.

Both methods will provide very similar betting results. Gambling is like any other profession. You simply cannot become successful without truly applying yourself and spending the time (and the money), to learn and become proficient. (Contrary to what most retail punters would suggest). It is no different to a financial advisor who studies commerce at university and then completes a Diploma of Financial Markets at the Securities Institute. They have paid the necessary price (both in time and money), to obtain the required information to pursue a career in their chosen field of Endeavour.