February 23, 2024

5 Reasons to Outsource Medical Coding

Competitive healthcare is the need of the hour. To stay ahead of the competition, most healthcare organizations are now redirecting resources toward medical coding. Medical coding is a complex and lengthy process that can prove to be expensive.

Outsourced Coding is now mainstream. It not only saves costs but the outcome is also streamlined and superior.

Reasons to Outsource Coding

The first question that pops into your mind is, what is medical coding? Medical coding is primary for any and all medical claims processes. Any error in the medial coding can lead to the rejection of the claim.

With the advancement of technology, Outsourced Coding offers the following benefits to medical practitioners.


Medical coding is known to be an expensive and time-consuming process. Since coding a single claim can take over four hours, it is pretty expensive if done in-house. You end up paying competitive salaries to your team. Furthermore, you have to train and retrain them to ensure compliance.

Instead, you can outsource your coding requirements since it is far more affordable. Depending on the frequency at which you require the service, outsourcing is cost-effective.

Access to Better Skill

Coding requires special skills. Finding and hiring this specialized skill is challenging for medical organizations. Furthermore, there is the added challenge of training the staff. It is far more convenient to outsource the coding service than worry about hiring the right staff for it.

You merely have to coordinate with the vendor who has to worry about hiring and training skilled personnel. Besides, the hassle of finding a replacement if the skilled staff leaves is also eliminated.

Enable Doctors to Focus on Patients

Medical coding needs to be accurate; else, redoing it can sharply increase the associated costs. If doctors themselves do the coding while also looking after patients, they may lose focus on either or both. As per a survey, doctors are working overtime by almost 90 minutes for the purpose of coding.

Besides, doctors are not exactly trained to be accurate coders. This is where outsourced coding comes in handy, as it relieves doctors of this tedious burden.

Increased Cash Inflow

Outsourcing coding from credible vendors vastly reduces the scope for error and consequent rework caused by claim rejections.

Smooth and quick processes that result in successful claims ensure that the cash flow of the medical organization is maintained. Once that happens, the organization can sustain itself financially. Therefore, it is vital to reduce the turnaround time by reducing the scope for errors. Additionally, timely processes offer an added advantage.

Better Compliance and Security

Coding needs to be done in a secure environment and requires information security management systems. These security systems require significant investments. Vendors invest in these systems that offer multiple safety features for the security of their clients.

The security controls offered in these systems are far superior to the ones you implement in all your operations. Thus, outsourcing coding provides you with a vendor who handles your patients’ data with good care.

Wrapping Up

Outsourced Coding can help you overcome multiple challenges. Technology has enabled the process to be outsourced while ensuring the safety of client information and security compliance.

Medical coding vendors can prove to be the partners you need by providing the services you deserve. They can handle large volumes of work and complicated cases while providing accurate results.