April 14, 2024

Rules of Being a Good Godparent

There was a time when being a godparent meant that you would be responsible for a child’s religious education and spiritual guidance. However, things have changed significantly with time and being a modern godparent is certainly not the same. Sure, religion can be involved, but it has also become about an extra pair of hands, whether for babysitting, showing up on birthdays and more. It is not a job to take lightly and if you want to do it right, here are some rules to follow:

  • Always get the best presents

Never neglect your godchild’s birthday or any other special occasion/milestone. You are allowed to indulge your godchild since you are not a parent. This means coming up with a great present and also getting a meaningful godson or goddaughter birthday card to share your feelings.

  • Be fun

Consider your godchild a protégé, who you can mold to be like you. This doesn’t mean that you force them into anything, but you can get them interested in your hobbies and interests. The key is to have a laugh together and become the cool person they go to when they need advice, help, or simply want to escape their parents.

  • Know your place

While it is okay to be the fun godparent, it doesn’t mean that you start taking up the parents’ role or undermining them in any way. Parents have to do the disciplining and siblings will do the annoying. You should never pick sides or get in the middle of familial arguments. It will never end well.

  • Take it seriously

Instead of just enjoying the title and sending in a present every now and then, take this job seriously. Connect with your godchild and it will turn out to be a rewarding experience for you in the long run.