October 4, 2023

How to Taste Champagne Like an Expert?

You don’t taste champagne just any old way! You will find our best tips for tasting your champagnes in this article, a wine that deserves special care when tasting it. After introducing the bottle and the label to the guests, tell something interesting about the champagne you will taste and you can get the party started!

Hold the Bottle the Right Way

First of all, order our champagne for the tasting party. You can opt for champagne gifts to have beautiful bottles and vintages. To start the tasting, it is important to hold the bottle properly. As a matter of fact, do not hold it by the neck. Instead, hold it with the full hand on the base or by the body. It is more comfortable this way.

Nonetheless, you cannot hold a magnum like this because of its big size. In this case, you have to serve the champagne by grasping the magnum bottle with one hand by the bottom, the thumb inserted into the flare. Extend the other fingers under the base. Then, support the neck with the other hand.

Is the Napkin Mandatory?

You have certainly noticed that sommeliers always use a napkin for champagne tasting. You can do so although it is not really necessary to serve the champagne. It can be more practical and add a touch of a refinement to the gesture. But do not forget to wipe the bottle after you take it out of the ice bucket. If you still want to use the napkin, make sure it does not hide the label.

How to Pour Champagne?

If you want to serve champagne like a pro, go for a slow and regular service. You should also pour the champagne close to the glass or to the flute so that the bubble string can develop. This step also prevents foam excess. For a very sparkling champagne, it is recommended to serve it in several stages in order to make the foam dissipate.

We all know that champagne is a prestigious sparkling wine. Therefore, you should not serve it like beer. In other words, you don’t have to tilt the glass. Most experts fill glasses only halfway. Sometimes they pour two-thirds full so that the aromas develop properly.

If needed, you can serve as frequently as necessary to drink fresh champagne. It also allows you to admire the show of the cheerful rise of the bubbles. If you plan to taste more than one type of champagne, use different glasses to preserve the flavors and notes. If you want to taste champagne or wine for a romantic date night, go on this site to get the best tips.