October 4, 2023

6 tips for creating a professional resume online 

Publishing a good CV online will prove to your future employers that you have a solid command of computer tools and you are endowed with a certain creativity, in addition to a good synthesis mind. You should therefore take your time before creating your CV on the various job sites.

1. Take care of your professional image

Start by defining precisely the professional image you want to give when you make a cv online and keep in mind that it does not have to be formal to prove your skills. On the contrary, it is in your best interest to add your personal touch and highlight your personality.

2. A title and keywords at all costs

First of all, think about giving it a title. Choosing an appropriate title will optimize your readability on the Internet and show the recruiter that you know what you want.

Your CV should contain a home page presenting your identity and your field of expertise. Remember to also include a photo of yourself.

Then, create a page detailing your education, training and experience, followed by a portfolio presenting your achievements and work, as well as all the elements that illustrate your talents. You should also add as much information as possible on how to contact you and, why not, devote an entire page to it with your email, your phone numbers and links to your professional social networks for example. Another optional element that can be very useful is a short and relevant biography.

As for the style of your online CV, it must be adapted to the sector of activity to which you belong and its writing must be impeccable. Also remember to use and repeat key words related to your profession. They will allow you to be found in search engines.

3. Keep it simple

Write the different pages of your online CV in a simple and concise way. Only mention information that is really important from a professional point of view and avoid drowning the recruiter in too many elements.

4. Be scrupulous

Your online resume must be impeccable in terms of design, choice of colors and photos, style and spelling. Also check the layout. The result of your photos must be perfect, both graphically and editorially.

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from competent people in the field and check that the buttons, links and everything else that allows for navigation work properly.

5. Mistakes to avoid

Don’t mix personal and professional life. Take care of your profiles on your professional social networks and avoid slipping in any personal opinions or photos. Finally, once you have created your CV, don’t leave it untouched. On the contrary, you should update it as your career progresses and highlight your new skills and responsibilities.

6. Avoid writing in the first person 

Preferably, start your sentences with verbs or impersonal expressions. You will gain in dynamism and space, and it will greatly facilitate access to information for the potential recruiter