February 23, 2024

9 Fun Activities You Must Do in Lake Toba

Situated in the undiscovered island of Sumatra, Lake Toba is an astonishing slice of mom nature that requires to be seen to be believed. The lake is a shocking size in 100km and 30km broad and can be surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes. However, it is the way the lake was there that I find the most fascinating. The concept is that ‘Lake’ Toba was once ‘Mount’ Toba. And is a result of a supervolcanic eruption, 100 times bigger than any other eruption in recent history. Along with a dramatic reduction in the planet’s inhabitants.

Samosir Island was formed due to the eruption, and due to its captivating beauty and lively culture, it is becoming a popular tourist destination amongst fellow Indonesians. The component of tranquillity is infectious and hence makes you feel that laid back. You are almost horizontal.  We did discover a few pretty cool things, however; 9 items, to be exact. Let’s check it out.

  • Enjoy Sunset

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t allow any fantastic sunsets for us while we’re there. Nonetheless, it’s stated that they are sometimes beautiful. One of the pictures from the website is above. The two lakes on Samosir Island are all intended to be amazing spots to see the sunset.

  • Eat At Hot Chilli

Located about a 10-15 minute walk from the major region of Tuk Tuk, this restaurant provides wonderful local & western food. We shamefully ended up eating here four days during our 2-night stay in Tuk Tuk. However, this goes to show exactly how great it was! We highly recommend their guacamole on toast with homemade bread, vegetable curry, and tomato soup with homemade garlic bread. The only disadvantage is that food sometimes takes a remarkably long time.

  • Take A Swim In Lake Toba

You can not visit Lake Toba without taking a dip into the lake itself, but be sure to do your research first about where it is safe. TABO GERMAN BAKERY at Tuk Tuk includes a certain region, and the surrounding views are incredible.

  • Chase Waterfalls

There are quite a few waterfalls situated on the mainland surrounding Samosir Island. The most impressive being SIPISO-PISO. Boasting to be one of the tallest waterfalls in Indonesia, also probably one of the fiercest in SE Asia, Sipiso-Piso is a sight never to be missed.

  • Rent A Scooter And Explore The Island

The landscapes surrounding Lake Toba and Samosir Island are shocking, so renting a scooter and driving the coastal road is a superb way to spend the afternoon. I mean, witnessing the result of the biggest Super Volcano ever isn’t something you see every day can it be! Cost – We leased our scooter out of Hot Chilli to get 100,000 daily.

  • Try Your Hand At Batak Dancing

At 10.30 am each morning, tourists can try Batak Dancing out of the BATAK MUSEUM at Ambarita. BAGUS BAY HOMESTAY also holds a show every Wednesday & Saturday night from 8.30 pm.

  • See A Lake Within A Lake

It is not common to obtain a’lake in a lake’, so it’s surprising to locate two situated on Samosir Island. The initial is ‘LAKE SIDIHONI,’ and the next is ‘LAKE AEK NATONANG’. Both of them are equally beautiful (although they have nothing on Toba itself), but the latter seems to be more suitable if you wish to swim.

  • Visit An Authentic Batak Village

Go to the tropical villages of Tomok or Ambarita to find out more about Lake Toba’s native folks. The Batak culture includes a compelling background between stories of people’s beheadings and cannibalism. Along with the traditional Batak homes are genuinely extraordinary.

  • The Kings Stone Chair

Throughout the reign of King Siallagan, this is where wrongdoers would be openly trialed. And if the crime was considered serious enough, beheaded. Once the implementation had taken place, the body would be mutilated, and also the parts were awarded to local folks to consume. Many stalls near the ‘KINGS STONE CHAIR’ sell a selection of useless yet amazing regional items (normal) and exceptional, perfect quality clothing.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Lake Toba by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.