December 9, 2023

All about getting help with pest control in Austin

If you are scared of finding pests at home, you are not alone. Roaches, insects, ants, rodents, rats, critters, and mice are known to cause health concerns and often carry pathogens of diseases. Also, some of these pests can cause considerable damage to your home structure, drywall, and furniture. Pests are more common in some areas of Texas than others, and if you live in Austin, you are more likely to face a pest infestation at home. When you need help with pest control in Austin, TX, finding the right service is important. In this guide, we are sharing more on the things you need to know for selecting a reliable exterminator. 

  1. Start with services

Some pest control companies deal with certain types of pests and rodents only, while others have more comprehensive services. Find a service that deals with mosquitoes, termites, rodents, fleas, and bedbugs at the least. 

  1. Check for insurance

Pest control is a job with inherent risks. You don’t want any damage to your home, or injury caused to an exterminator at work, to become your implied liability. Check if the concerned company has general liability insurance and the extent of their coverage. Workers and exterminators working at your site should have workers’ compensation coverage. Not to forget the company needs to have a license. 

  1. Ask about the process

Just one treatment session is not enough in most cases of pest infestation. The exterminator will send their team of experts for a second check, and if needed, they may repeat the whole pest control process. Check with the company to know what the exact process looks like. Find more on treatments, techniques, and methods they are using, and if they are using products that are safe for the environment.

  1. Discuss estimates and warranty

For selected pest control jobs, you can expect to get a warranty or at least some form of assurance. The estimate is usually offered before the work starts and after the exterminators have done an inspection of your home. Don’t chase the cheapest estimate, but look for a service that’s reliable, offers promise on the work done, and is accessible for further complaints. 

  1. Get references and check reviews. 

Finally, do ask for references from the service. Most pest control companies in Austin will be willing to share client references, and you can also check independently on Google and Facebook to know what other clients have to say about them. 

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